Unskilled Mining Jobs in Australia

We have extensive experience helping people go about getting into the Australia mining industry as unskilled workers. But in saying that we are not a quick fix. We are not a recruitment agency and it is not possible to guarantee employment, however if you follow our comprehensive recommendations and advice, you will maximise your employment prospects.

We advise you on what you need to know to secure an unskilled mining job. We have assisted many people who are interested in labour intensive positions such as Drillers assistants, Trades Assistants and Labourers, as well as the less physical positions such as Field Assistants, Sample Preparers, Kitchen Hands, Cleaners and Administration Assistants. This is your future career - and you need to do it right. We can also help you avoid making common mistakes which can delay or affect your employment chances.

Fill in the form on the right or visit our get started page and receive information that tells you exactly how to go about getting a job in the Australia mining industry, where the average salary is over $100,000 a year. Our expert recommendations for the jobs are based on your specific requirements:

  • the jobs you indicate an interest in (or that we identify would be
    suited to you)
  • the regions you want to work in
  • training and licenses you require (if any), and where to get these
  • and we take into account your other preferences.


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