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Testimonials and Case Studies

Matt Robinson, Australian miner case study
Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson came to us in the month of February. Until then, his background had been in farming in Nyah, VIC and he was seeking a driving role. We provided recommendations on the best way for him to get into the industry, and provided advice on exactly what he needed to do next.

In April, just two months after taking up our serivce, Matt secured a full time job at [mining company] in Kalgoorlie, WA.

Here is Matt's review for the service:

"Hi Barry, I am employed at [mining company], I am a haul truck driver driving Cat 793, 789 and in a month or so the Cat 777

I like most about the site being out by yourself and in control of large machines, the mateship at the site is fantastic and it's a residential job, so home every night, 7 days on 3 off, 7 days on and 4 off, we just got 3k added to our pay packet and the people who had been there 12 months got 10k, and then we have a KPI increase coming next month so the pay for driving is 100k per year, not bad in your trainee year.

Your service provided me with all the contact numbers and web sites that I needed to access the companies, the general info was very useful too.

Cheers Matt"



Scott Mckenzie came to us in late February. His previous background had involved some 11 years of work in supermarkets performing storeman roles, including driving forklifts, picking order and stock taking. We provided recommendations on exactly how he should go about getting into the mining industry, and gave specific advice with regards to training he should undertake, as well as additional recommendations on what his next steps should be.

Scott's feedback:

"I am employed by Titeline Drilling Ltd as a Drillers Offsider,at the moment we are working for Birla, drilling at Mt Gordon Mt Isa. Daily work tasks involve;Pulling Core Tubes,emptying tubes,washing core,mixing drilling water(mud),breaking rods(from 6 metre lengths to 3 metres),rod pulling,refueling pumps etc,maintaining work tools,washing vehicles racks etc. Mostly hand tools,do use hand grinder hand drill,hyab crane on truck. Just love the hard work,keeps me fit,enjoy being outside all day and working with a good crew.

I had been looking at getting into the mining game after i arrived over here(didnt have any luck)your service gave me an insight into mining and what jobs would suit me best with what qualifications i had...
thanks once again

Scott Mckenzie"

Maria came to us in April on behalf of her partner who was an assistant at a research company but was in need of a challenge. He had no real qualifications to do with the mining industry, but with the help of our service and a bit of motivation from his partner he is now employed in WA and the company he is employed with are currently organising all his further training.

Maria's feedback:

"Hi there,
Approx 3 weeks ago I finally got him to send out some resum'es to some mining companies as he drastically needed a career change.  He got some knockbacks, due to lack of experience in the industry, but {company name} in WA was more than willing to give him a go.  He has just started with them this week & is over the moon.  They have been excellent with thier communication with him, very supportive of his intentions & provided him with all of his work gear. This is all due to your list of mining contractors that you sent to me as we were both stumped as to how he could get his foot in the mining industry door, so, thank you.

Yours faithfully



Chris came to us around the end of the year with no previous mining experience. He had been working in the hardware industry for 13 years. His previous work had involved various storeman and team leader duties. He was interested in finding out about further training he would need and particularly drawn to the underground mining sector, and of course avoiding the employment hoax or fraud out there. With the information Chris had provided, we were able to recommend suitable mining positions for him and advise him of the best training for him to obtain, to help him to get employed. Chris is still employed in the mining industry and loving it!

Chris's feedback:

"I have finaly secured a position on a casual basis as a contractor ,building stopings and overcasts at the {Company Name} mine near newcastle.all the persistance and asking questions and doing the right training has paid off.i was begining to get a little frustrated after a few rejections but i stuck with it and it has worked out well.thanks for your recomendations they have guided me in the right direction."


Anthony came to us back in January wanting assistance to start a career in the mining industry. He had no previous mining experience and had been working in the forestry industry for the last 9 years. As he had also been studying natural resources drilling and blasting, he was particularly interested in the Drill and Blast sector. We were able to point Anthony in the right direction and help him to go about things in the right way. We provided continued support and a wealth of information and advice to help him find employment.

Anthony's feedback:

"Hi Barry, thanks for getting back to me. I have been employed with {Company Name} outside of Sydney for the past 5 months and it has kept me quite busy. Thanks again for all your information and work in helping me find employment.”


Carol came to us at the end of June wanting to get a job in the hospitality side of the mining industry. After taking up the service she was extremely happy with the results. Her background included managing a fast food resturant, working in a supermarket and caring for the elderely. At first Carol was unsure whether the industry was possible for a female of her age but after a few phone conversations with her we where able to put her mind at ease and she had alot of good results.

Carol's feedback:

"Dear Barry,
 Words cannot express how grateful I am. I already have received good results from {Company Name} and my interview for a mining job is set for the 30th of July. I already have my police clearance, and first aid is to be done on wednesday. All I need now is some good luck. Thanks very much and have an extra special day... Carol.

PS. My son and friend are considering the mines for the summer and that would not have been possible if it wasn't for the excellent service you sent me."


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