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Australian Mining Jumbo Operator and Employment

If you're considering seeking work as a Jumbo Operator in the mining industry and want more information on how to obtain this type of position, then read on. Being a Jumbo Operator is a very physically demanding job. You need to operate heavy excavators in dark damp conditions, however you will be well rewarded for this. Some Jumbo operators can earn around $95,000 a year. If you're considering applying for work as a Jumbo Operator, you may want to know such things as whether your employer will pay your travel and accommodation costs, what training and qualifications you'll need for your desired positions and which companies are hiring. We can advise you on all these things and more.

Although there are mines in all the states of Australia, it may not be that easy to find a Bogger Operator position near you, so you might want to think about some of the FIFO (fly in/fly out) positions on offer. These let you fly to your job at the beginning of your rostered weeks on, and fly back home at the end so you can spend your time off with your family.

A Jumbo Operator position is ideal for you if you have a current drivers license, can pass a pre-employment medical examination, have several years experience as a Jumbo Operator, have a current first aid certificate or have at least six months experience in the mines. If you don't have these things, there may be other ways you can obtain a position as a Jumbo Operator, and we can detail all you need to know in our information package. As well as advising you on all aspects of the mining industry we can also review your resume to give you tips on how to get it looking as professional as possible. The team at Mining Australia are here to answer your questions once you take up our reliable and friendly service.

Now is the perfect time for both skilled and unskilled workers to apply for work in the mines across Australia. Don't wait as you might miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

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