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Australia Mining Work and Employment

Mining work can be a tough career choice, however, as the average miners yearly income is now $90,000 it is certainly a rewarding profession. The industry has changed much over the last few years and the mines are now open to workers from all backgrounds, including women.

There are a huge number of jobs in mines, from machine operators, truck drivers, drillers, trades assistants, field assistants, supervisors and shift managers to medics, emergency response officers, OHS officers, engineers, cleaners, chefs and housekeepers. There really is something for everyone, skilled or unskilled. If you are looking at employment in the mines you may want to consider what training is available and where to find it, which licences are needed, the safety training required, whether your employer covers your training and travel costs, and other aspects of the industry that we can advise you on.

Jobs are located all over Australia so there is probably a job vacancy near you, or alternatively you may want to consider a FIFO (fly in/fly out) position. This is where the mine is located in a remote area and the mine flies in workers from main centres. You may like to have information on the length of the shifts, whether accommodation and meals are provided, if your employer will pay for your travel costs, and how soon you can start. There are mining jobs constantly being advertised, and we can tell you where to look for all the latest vacancies.

At Mining Australia, we can advise you on everything you need to know about the mining industry. With so many mines in Australia and more to come, now is certainly a good time to get involved in the industry, for both skilled and entry-level workers, so don't wait.

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