Mining Australia - Media Enquiries

Mining Australia is happy to answer any questions or enquiries in relevance to stories about the services provided. Mining Australia is the trading name of the Nevada registered company Solberg Limited. If you wish to contact Solberg Limited regarding stories, news prints, articles, or other media-related content, please feel free to email with your full name, the company or organisation title, contact details, and a thorough description of the questions or information you are requesting.

Although the company is more than willing to cooperate with media organisations, there is no tolerance for defamatory or factually incorrect stories regarding Solberg Limited or the services the company provides. In the case of inaccurate or defamatory material being broadcast or published, or misrepresentations about the service being made, Solberg Limited will not hesitate to initiate legal proceedings.

This page describes legal action taken by Solberg Limited against the companies and individuals identified

Joshua Desmond Beckett Dean, Mia Nelson and Jobit Limited
During October 2012, in case CIV 2012/442/476 Solberg Limited filed filed injurious falsehood, defamation, and breach of Fair Trading Act 1986 proceedings in the Nelson High Court against Joshua Desmond Beckett Dean, Mia Nelson and Jobit Limited respectively

Solberg Limited is also seeking damages from former employee Mia Nelson in relation to two causes of action, one of which involving Ms Nelson bringing reviled Nazi views into the workplace. Additionally the company is seeking damages for injury to the business and personal reputations of the plaintiffs in the region of $200,000, along with special and exemplary damages.

Seven Network
In October 2011 Solberg Limited filed defamation proceedings in the Supreme Court of Western Australia against Seven Network, operators of Channel 7, for untrue statements broadcast on the Sunrise program on 15 September 2011 and published on the Yahoo7! website. A copy of the writ of summons issued on 5 October 2011 is available here. This summons ordered Channel 7 to appear in court to defend the defamation action taken by Solberg Limited. Solberg Limited and Seven Network have since reached a confidential out of court settlement and this matter is now finalised.

Julia Molesworth
On 15 November 2011 in case number CIV2011-463-748 the proprietor of Solberg Limited filed defamation proceedings in the Rotorua High Court against Julia Molesworth. These proceedings relate to several defamatory statements made by Ms Molesworth during a television program on 5 March 2010. The defendant is being sued for damages for injury to reputation, special damages for loss of earnings, exemplary damages of $50,000 and also for costs of the proceedings.