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The Australian Mining Industry

14 February 2013 09:28am : The Rinehart Watch
"As Gina Rinehart's battle with her family continue to remain the main trustee of her late fathers trust. Although one of her daughters, Ginia, has sided with her mother, three of her children have decided they are going to engage the mining mogul over the family trust in a bitter legal battle. To add to the speculation, there have been rumors circling of two mini series, exposing the life of Rinehart, after the recent release of her biography. Interest has spiraled in creating the mini-piece exposing the details of the legal wrangle within the family and highlighting Rinehart's role, both as a mother, mining mogul and daughter. A race has started between producers to be the first to hit the screens with the mini series, as they seek to expose both the public side and very private side to Rinehart's life. Although no decisions have been made on who is to play the magnate, the role will be highly sought after, as this screen play attracts so much interest. "

12 February 2013 09:12am : Eds Mine Stocks
"The treasurer has come under more pressure to increase mining taxes, as the green party maintain the tax is running billions of dollars short of its predicted value. However others argue that in order for the Australia mining companies to remain competitive, the taxes should be left. The main proposal has been to increase the tax rate by 40%, looking particularly at state royalty increases and including other minerals. As the Australian economy depends so much on mining, others have argued that to ensure Australia can compete and retain its place on the market, the tax should go unaffected. Many high-profilers in the mining sector and within government asking for a policy reform. As coal demand stays static and the price steadily drops, there has been many skepticism upon putting any more financial burden on to this sector. Many argue that the coal sectors profitability needs to be increased in order to make it viable for these corporations. As Iron ore continues to soar, Australian mining companies are asking that the tax remains static to enable them to make the most of this boom, as highlighted before the cost can fluctuate. As interest in investing in the Australian mining industry has wained, mining moguls argue that this will simply decrease interest further, moving investors away to countries like Africa, where the mining sector is profitable and more sustainable. "

11 February 2013 04:08pm : Weekly Roundup With Carly
"Chevron makes new gas discovery off WA coast! The American company has added natural gas to its resources, officially announcing that it have made yet another discovery. Although rumors have been kicked started saying we are nearing the end of the natural gas supply, the discovery encountered yet another discovery the excavation permit, just off the WA coastline saw around 75m of net gas. Chevron continues to grow and strategically uncover new Australian natural gas using its portfolio of resources. Chevron aims to meet the demands of the energy consumer and is driven to continue these finds throughout Australia. The company stressed the importance to continue to grow its natural gas resources portfolio and continue to support longer term plans to keep expanding its resources and search for the liquefied natural gas abundant through Australia. "

31 January 2013 11:50am : Rhinehart Update
"Melbourne Lakes Oil has received investment from the richest woman in the world. Lakes oil focuses on extracting oil and gas, currently in the Gippsland basin among others, and although they have been long standing, they are a minnow in this big pond. Lakes oil announced the purchase to the Australia Stock exchange yesterday, the company issued a statement that the bulk of $6.3 million had been bought by Hancock Prospecting, none other than Gina Rhinehart, it’s estimated around 18.6% of ownership. In afternoon trades alone, Lakes oil shares were up 25%, around half a cent. As part of the deal, Ms Rinehart's friend Professor Ian Plimer has been appointed as non-executive director of Lakes Oil. Professor Plimer has been director of many mining corporations, over the years, the most recent being Roy Hill Holdings and having investments with Ms Rhineharts Hancock Prospecting. Although Plimer started as a geologist, he has many interest including publishing papers and his scepticism with regards to climate change. "

30 January 2013 11:05am : Eds Mine Stocks
"A recent investment bonanza has increased Australia’s productivity in metal coal and natural gas, pushing the country to its 22nd year of economic growth. Australia’s mining boom began in 2007, since then mining companies have poured billions into new projects and excavations for new materials, the growth alone this year is set to smash predictions and ensure a near double growth. It is expected a natural gases are being found, that Australia should see yet another boom. Chinese demand for these previous materials has reflected upon the prices, as the cost per tonne keeps rising and record amounts of iron ore are being dug up to follow this demand. The Pilbara region has received a predicted rise of 17% of Iron ore, all of which is expected to hit the export market. A decade ago the vital mineral to making steel was worth 15 billion a year, however in recent years it has seen rises of over 60 billion a year. On the other side, coal has seen a dip in its cost per tonne, but forecasts have predicted an expansion of around 10 percent, while oil and gas are expected to increase sharply. While the economy looks up, it looks as though this is a great time to invest in any sector within the mining industry! "

14 January 2013 03:47pm : Weekly Roundup With Carly
"Over the week we have seen Iron Ore prices soar, as the demand for them increases from China. However as bush fires sweep through Australia, are the mines the place to be? 2013 was forecast to have a decrease in production however with around an 8% increase in export of Iron Ore to China causing the economy to strengthen, were these predictions really correct? As China's construction industry booms, the increase in demand for steel has led the mines to appear to be booming too. A good result for honest Australians just trying to earn a healthy wage. Most miners appear to earn around $100,000 on average per year, and with over 250,000 of us employed in it, who says this cannot increase by another 8% along with the productivity of the sector? In other news Gina Rinehart has been made to publish her privately owned corporations profits over the last two years by ASIC. Looking at those figures, there is nothing wrong with heading straight for a mine, in fact I have my bag ready! Walking through it, the main roles which seem of interest appear to be the FIFO ones, which allow you to secure your job during the week, while your employer pays for you to return home on the weekend. These options offer accommodation and food, limiting your expense allowing you to either send more money home to the family or saving for something you want! I would definitely prefer to be out in the desert at the moment, with all the raging bush fires, inhabitants of parts of Australia have nowhere to turn. One Grandmother was so trapped that she and her grandchildren had to jump off of a pontoon into the water to escape the raging fires which swept through their home town in Hobart. Luckily they all survived and were evacuated safe and sound. However there have been many missing and even fatalities declared as the fires take hold, however looking at the current argument over the disposal of mine waste water, could this be the alternative? The effective use of this water could be stored to help to combat these fires and enables thousands of litres to be harnessed quickly and effectively through stores being located in fire hot spots. As satellites discover new bush fires daily, Australians are looking for a way to cure these fires. "

13 January 2013 03:43pm : The Rinehart Watch
"Gina Rineharts fortune, is consistently growing. As she continues to amass her fortunes, the ASIC has ordered Rinehart to publish her profits from the last two years. In recently released documents her company Hancock Prospecting, which is one of the main players in the Australian Mining Fields, is valued now at over 3.7 billion dollars. Over the last two financial years profit from the company has increased from 688 million up to a staggering 1.119 billion dollars. As the demand from Steel factories in China increases, it appears the new 'boom' has started and Rinehart shows no sign of slowing down – despite there being no shortage of people ready to have a go at her, Gina continues to be world’s richest woman. After Gina became Executive Chairman of the privately owned corporation, Hancock Prospecting, Gina focused on raising capital and producing revenue through the mines they owned. Recently Gina has invested in Fairfax media, along with other corporations, which has increased her profile and enables her to turn leases into revenue producing mines. Gina now works towards being the first person to amass a $100 billion fortune. "

12 January 2013 03:45pm : Sarah's Job Profile
"As China’s increased demand for Iron Ore increases the price per tonne, can we start to see a demand for mine worker to cope? With jobs averaging over $100,000 a year in the mines, it is a wonder we are not all knocking down employers doors trying to get ourselves in. As Iron Ore export hits a new high unexpectedly as forecasts would have suggested, we would expect a demand for miners to happen. Overall export has hit a huge 8.4% increase, with its main buyer originating from China. Australia has long rested on the buying power of the Chinese economy, and as China sees a boost, so does the Australian economy. Despite the forecasts, the demand has increased and put the mines back on the map for the New Year, offering jobs and Australians high wages. Currently 282,159 people are employed in the Australian Mining Industry, and with their annual growth nearing 8% we can definitely expect to see an increase in the amount of people who are working in them and earning the big bucks!!"

11 January 2013 03:47pm : Ed's Mining Stockwatch
"Talk of federal budgets, and labeling the Australian economy as a ‘Golden’ zone, have all been triggered by a surprise pick up in the Chinese economy. Throughout December exports rose, as the Chinese led economy started to rise, kick starting the new mining 'boom'. The increased demand for export has particularly affected Iron Ore, causing a $64 increase to the cost per tonne. As Iron Ore contributes to being one of the largest export incomes for Australia, the forecasts seem to be low for the upcoming year, as this increase in demand sparks cost per tonne explosions. HSBC Chief Economist stated to the Business News 'The outlook for Australia is increasingly positive after a weak second-half of 2012, with the Chinese pick-up signaling the mining boom is not over yet and low interest already starting to have an impact in the non-mining sectors such as construction and retail,' he said. The impact on the economy is predicted to cause a rise in mortgage acceptances, along with a boost in the stock market. Currently with China's total iron ore imports amassing a massive $95.6bn, at around 744m tonnes being imported, we can see where the boost has come from. Despite forecasts that the Australian Economy and Mining industry would not prosper in 2013, impacted by the lack of the Chinese exports causing damages to the economy, we have recently seen a rise. As the Chinese economy has strengthened so has our own. The Chinese construction sector has increased productivity demanding more steel for works to be carried out, increasing the prices of iron ore over the past four months, smashing forecasts and increasing the expectations for a profitable 2013. "

09 January 2013 03:45pm : Enviro-Mining News
"Could the waste water in the mines become a useful resource as bush fires spread across our country? The Queensland Government has been consulting with miner in the North Queensland’s over their potential waste water releases. The waste water has been an issue, as over the years, mines have unintentionally leaked mine waste water into nearby river systems in order to comply with their agreed upon limit. Currently DERM and the Queensland Resource Council have called for changes to be made to the Environmental protection act. This came as a total of six mines admitted they had breached the waste water guidelines within the Environmental Protection act. Upon investigation, 20 coal mines appeared to have similar issues. Heavy rainfall and the wet season, has called for these restrictions to be reviewed, with the rules being relaxed during this season, until they are able to work within the relevant requirements. Instead should the government be harnessing this excess in a scheme to protect against the bush fires? Recycling this water could enable mines to safely utilise the waste, and would enable a system where the water is transported for keeping in case of emergencies during the dry season, which leads to so many uncontrollable blazes."

07 January 2013 09:07am : Welcome
"Thanks for visiting our blog, here we have four contributors who work towards making mining news easier to absorb and fun! This blog started as we read stories and found them to be boring and hard to read, by incorporating our own personal thoughts we hope to relay messages which are ever present in the news to you in an easy fashion!"

Australian mining dump truck convoy
A line of Australian mining dump trucks.

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