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Technical Data - M-1

Mackay is well known for its coal mines:mackay mines
If you're good at working with machines then this would be the kind of role that would suit you:mechanic
This kind of work is very important, so if you have skills in mechanical fitting, then this role would really suit you:mechanical fitter
This role is ideally suited to someone with a degree in metallurgy:mettalurgical technician
If you want a new career, this might be one of the best places to look:mine
This is one of the country's leading industries and could be a great place to start a new career, or continue with something you're already doing:mine australia
If a new start's on your mind, think about giving this a try: job
This state is perhaps best known for Mt. Isa, which is rich in zinc, lead, copper and more:mine queensland
There are hundreds of rolls that need filling by experienced caterers: site catering
On-site catering is an in-demand job for those with hospitality experience:site catering
If you have surveying qualifications then your skills could be put to use: surveyor
If you're looking to increase your employment options, thinking about taking up some training could be a great plan: training
Hard work and honesty are well rewarded when it comes to these kinds of jobs: work
If you're looking for work that's tough but rewarding, these roles could be right up your alley: work jobs
If you're looking for the salary boost you need, think about this field of work: jobs mining
There's so much on offer if you consider a change of direction:mine work career
A job in the country's fastest growing industry could be the career which you've always been looking for: work careers australia
If you’re looking for a cleaning job, then this is an industry where you'll be well rewarded for your toils: work cleaning job search
If you're after a position that rewards you for hard work, consider these roles: work job
If you're thinking about getting one of the popular dump truck driving roles, then taking a traineeship will maximise your chances: work dump truck traineeship
Your career could get the boost it needs in this industry:mine work employment
There are a lot of services out there that can help you get the position you want: work employment services
FIFO jobs are just one of the exciting opportunities avaliable in this industry: fifo
A job where you get to travel to and from amazing locations by plane is just one of many exciting opportunities: work fifo australia
There could be a FIFO job with your name on it in Queensland if you have valuable skills on offer:mine fifo qld
If you love the idea of tasks where you can get your hands dirty and be well rewarded then this could be the career for you:mine work in australia
The options are endless when it comes to this kind of work: job opportunities
This is the kind of position which could suit you even if you don't have much previous experience: work maintenance
If you've got experience operating heavy vehicles then this role would be a great option: truck driving
An apprenticeship is an excellent way to get your foot in the door:apprenticeships
Dump truck jobs are a very well known and well paid too: mininig dump truck
SA is a state which is known for its metal deposits and opals:south australia
If you want to learn valuable skills to start the career you want then this is a good idea: work trainee
Driving trucks could be a great role if you're experienced and looking for work in Western Australia: truck driving perth
If you're looking for your place in the industry, there are almost always spots available: vacancies
Hard toil with great rewards could be yours in this booming industry:mine work
Looking for something new? Consider these roles: minejobs

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