Mining Australia Reviews and Testimonials

Dump truckThe following are testimonials and feedback reviews received from our customers. Please follow this link to read more detailed case studies.

"Thank you for this information. It was a good pointer on all the different aspects of the mining industry. It is exciting to see that there is a lot of different role which Laela could pick from to enter the industry. "
Joel and Laela, QLD, Australia, 17th December

"I have read through most of the information that you have provided and its helped me with more insight into the industry. "
Siddharth, QLD, Australia, 12th December

"Thank you for your detailed email, it has given me a great insight of the steps I need to take in order to make myself more employable. "
Tianna, QLD, Australia, 9th December

"Thanks for your emails. I have had a read through and there is lots of useful information in there, thank you."
Anna, Australia, 14th July

"Thanks heaps for, your final efforts, well received. Yes I totally agree with your remarks,You are spot on,I will take it on board, and apply them. Thanks heaps for all that you have done for me, it’s really appreciated, as well as noted, you have gone out of your way, that’s really nice and kind of you. You have a good kind nature."
Pierre, Australia, 11th June

"Thank you very much for your email and the full details you provided to me. I was impressed by all those specifications!"
Guillaume, Australia, 11th May

"Hi Kerri, Thank you for your feed back I will go about applying all your suggestions to my resume. ... Again thank you for your prompt reply and help with my resume. "
Dianne, Australia, 7th May

"Thank you very much for compiling all of the information for me. I wanted to shoot you an email to show my thanks and to enjoy your long weekend ahead! ... Again, thank you so much, I look forward to reading it all and working with you next week."
Matt, Australia, 1st May

"Oh wow guys I have a lot of reading to do over the weekend thank you so much "
Amy, Australia, 28th April

"Wow guys thanks a lot with everything so far! Honestly! Really looking forward to this new chapter in my life."
Jason, Australia, 28th April

"Thanks so much for all your time and effort – it is really very muchly appreciated and the extensive information you’ve put together is amazing."
Verity, Australia, 24th April

"Thank you so much Kerri you're an angel. I love it, very professional much appreciated. You have a wonderful weekend. "
Nukurima, Australia, 3rd April

"Thank you for your help so far the information you have provided is a great help."
Russell, Australia, 6th March

"Hey thanks, you guys have done a wonderful job there's a lot of info on here so it might take me a while to go through it all. "
Tom, Australia, 2nd March

"I could have been one of those applicant sending my 5 page resume and no one would have looked at it or read it, but I am so thankful that I made the right by choice coming through your agency to follow and go through the right procedures."
Lorna, 25th November

"Hi Leigh, Good day to you, Just to let you know that I will start my FIFO on the 28th of September with [company]. I already signed a contract with [company] as Utility. Thank you for your effort for organizing and polishing my resume. I hope you will help more people who really want to have a good job. Regards Art"
Art, Australia, 27th September

"Hi Tanique, Thank you so much for the very helpful handout that you sent through. It is really thorough and just what I was looking for as a summary for entrance into the industry."
Leighton, Australia, 21st May

"The mining industry was just one of the avenues I was seeking to work in. I have read the supplied info and thank you for your efforts it certainly opened my eyes to the way to get in to the sector and the other considerations such as the typical rosters, FIFO or DIDO arrangements etc... As of Last night I have secured a job with [company]... Change of career is always a interesting time plenty of choices and decisions to be made. I thank you for the information and assistance so far and will keep the info for a future time."
Daryl, Australia, 2nd April

"Thank you for the info pack, it was very helpful and sight full and has given me a in depth knowledge and understanding of the Mining Industry - an eye opener!"
Danni, Australia, 7th March

"Thank you for that comprehensive and very organised information about mining in Australia. It was very easy to understand and I had a great time reading it."
Freddierick, Australia, 13th February

"Thank you for all the information! I read through the more relevant parts and I am now not sure about pursuing a career in mining... I do appreciate the help though and I am glad I had that information to help me decide, otherwise I could have gone through and then not enjoyed it and then I wouldn't know what to do."
Nerrilee, Australia, 5th February

"Thank you so much for all the work you and your team are doing for myself and my family."
James, Australia, 28th January

"Hi Dani, Thanks for the help by giving some idea on how to construct an excellent resume. It's worked a lot for me. I got my job last December as an Accountant and performing as Administration Manager too. Again, thank you and more power to your business!"
Thelma, VIC, Australia, 28th January

"Hey, thank you for all the information. I...acquired another job in the mines in WA. I appreciate everything you put together for me. It was very insightful and informative."
Justin, QLD, Australia, 28th October

"I have just secured a position with [company name] at [location]. I am very pleased with the position, and start in 2 weeks time. So thanks once again for your help."
Philip, SA, Australia, 26th August

"I want to share my good news. I have secured a temporary position for the next four to six months. Its a position in [company], end to end payroll for a medium size company. I start tomorrow... This is the first step toward the position I really want and I am so grateful for it. I want to thank you for all of your help so far. Your time and effort on my part, is greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps"
Michelle, NSW, Australia, 6th July

"I want to thank you and all your team for helping me do my resume correctly and all the advices that I got from you in addition to all the links you send me to apply for jobs. I thank you for everything and your company, you really gave me a nice "starting kick" into jobs here in Australia. "
Jimena, WA Australia, 3rd July

"G'day Tanique, I want to say a big thank you for all your help and time you spent on this for me, in redoing my resume it got another job it's not in the mines but back in logging on a good salary, I appreciate what you have done, thank you again"
Bevan, Australia, 7th June

"Thanks for all your help Tanique. I have ended up getting a job with [company] as an admin person... I start with them on Monday. Thanks again"
David, Australia, 21st May

"Hi Nicole... I've found a fulltime job in Karratha today and will start work there on the 22nd of May. Thank you so much for your assistance and everything, I really appreciate that"
Ferdinand, WA, Australia, 12th May

"Hey Nicole I've actually been offered a really good plumbing job in Adelaide which I accepted today. I start in a fortnight so you won't need to send me anymore jobs. Thanks so much for all your help! You've been amazing!"
Troy, Adelaide, SA, 28th April

"Hi Tanique, it has been a while since we last got intouch with each... I have re-written my CV of course with your help and and applied for a OHS superintendent role... I was successful and got offered the job"
Brian, Papua New Guinea, 23rd April

"I'd like to thank you for all your assistance and advice. I have since gained employment at ....... where my dumptruck, front end loader and bobcat experience makes me a valuable member. Again thank you very much for all your help."
John, Australia, 18th January

"Thank you for all the information it has helped me understand a whole lot more about applying for a job in the Mining Industry and understanding the Industry as a whole. Now I know what I have to do to secure a job in the Mines and the websites in the file will help me do so. Once again thank you for all your help."
John, NT, Australia, 22nd November

"Thank you for the opportunity. I thank you also for the continuous correspondence, I truly believe both you and Nicole are excellent Customer Support workers, complete with a genuine desire to help people seeking work in the mining sector and would be most happy to go on the record by saying I am very satisfied with the services rendered to myself. "
Tim, Australia, 31st October

"I just want to say that mining guide with all the recommendations you have emailed me is excellent. It gives really good insight to mining industry with detailed descriptions of what's required, all different jobs (including entry level), training, good advice on what is the best approach for those without any mining experience to avoid any mistakes and much more."
Andrew, WA, Australia, 22nd October

"For some time now Mining Australia website has caught my eye but was a bit sceptic as I would have to front with funds prior to getting my relevant recommendations. Now that I have bitten the bullet and have taken the first steps to a great paying job. Im kicking myself I didn't do it sooner. This information is invaluable for someone such as myself wanting to make a career in the mining industry, so many thanks for putting that together for me."
Fabian, Australia, 27th September

"Thank you very much for the information you have sent me it is money well spent. I am just blown away and it has open my eyes up to what choices I can make."
Rowe, New Zealand, 5th July

"Firstly; I would like to take this time in thanking you for your assistance in emailing through the detailed information on Australia Mining and the expected requirements. This documentation was indeed extremely helpful allowing an open scope toward the available options for me. "
Kerehi, NSW, Australia, 2nd July

"Thank you so very much for all your help and guidance and I look forward to receiving what ever comes my way. It's also really good to have that extra push from a major company that actually want's to help you. Definitely going to recommend Mining Australia :)"
Annalise, WA, Australia, 15th June

"Thank you for advising me to obtain the following requirements. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent on me. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me."
Francis, QLD, Australia, 28th May

"I have had the opportunity to read the recommendations you sent through earlier, may I just say it was amazing! You did a fantastic job; it was really direct and covered a broad range of issues and i now have a better understanding of the industry and what it has to offer. "
Abbey, QLD, Australia, 16th May

"I have friends in the industry but let me tell you , your info is of a lot greater detail and importance. Its great to hear the truth, and I am sure that with your help will have no trouble at all. Even If I don't get into the industry , you have just saved me a fortune in mucking around costs already. I could have been sitting in some outback town using up my precious savings if not for you. The best couple of hundred bucks I have ever spent. Keep up the good work."
Andrew, VIC, Australia, 12th April

"The information was highly informative and invaluable for someone, like myself, who is looking to enter the industry. Thankyou very much. I appreciate all of your assistance."
Susanne, VIC, Australia, 6th April

"I would like to thank you for the information you have provided. It was really helpful. I have now knowledge of different fields in the mining industry."
Zaheen, WA, Australia, 28th March

"The information is very useful, as it eliminates the myths around the Mining jobs and stays with the facts."
Siavash, VIC, Australia, 7th February

"Thank you for all of the information I have received to date. I have read through it and feel I now have much more of an understanding of the industry and what I need to do to increase my chances of breaking into mining."
Luke, NSW, Australia, 31st January

"Thanks for the information booklet. Its a decent read, not dry at all. Definelty answered a few questions and set a brass ring for myself to try to reach. It also helped to define the ways in which you guys help, i was thinking that you guys had contact with a few of the mines and worked as a HR filter of sorts. I understand better now that you guys are a font of knowledge and a guide into the industry, a way to make it into the business without making many mistakes."
Shannon, NSW, Australia, 30th January

"Thank you so much for the information that you sent through. I found it very helpful and informative. It has given me a much greater understanding of work in the mining industry, including the many different jobs that there are and the requirements for those jobs. "
Jenny, VIC, Australia, 26th January

"Hi, Thank you again 1000 time for saving me so much time & effort in helping me focus on what is hard thinking with integrated honesty based on the nitty-gritty reality that will in time lead me to success in my chosen field. I have read the recommendations. Thank you for your effort."
Peter, WA, Australia, 10th January

"Thank you for providing me information on Australian mining industry jobs. I have found it very helpful in determining which path I wish to take in the future. "
Matthew, QLD, Australia, 4th January

"I've just read the pdf you sent me, thank you, it's great. What I liked about the document was the summary of different roles in mining as well as the "reality check" approach."
Samuel, WA, Australia, 3rd January

"Firstly thank you for the information there is definitely alot to digest however it has been very informative and given me a better understanding of what I need to gain employment in the minning industry."
Kurt, New Zealand, 3rd January

"I really appreciate the effort that you went to to secure the right information for me. I have read the information and found a lot of things that I was unaware of. My two brothers are currently employed in the mining industry and even with their knowledge there was a lot they didn't know too."
Toyah, NSW, Australia, 2nd January

"Thank you so much. I really feel that your assistance will be valuable with me seeking and being successful in gaining a role within a mining company. The site you provided has much more on offer and I will look through each of the suggestions you provided."
Simone, QLD, Australia, 11th December

"Thank you so much for your detailed attachment. We have now thoroughly got a deeper understanding of the mining industry and the entry level positions that will be available to us and the qualifications we will need to obtain work."
Shaun and Sara, VIC, Australia, 17th November

"Thank you for sending that information through, it really did help a lot and I have definitely found an entry position that is suited to my personality and desires."
Bianca, QLD, Australia, 13th November

"I was emailed an informative guide on the mines and the expectations required for employment. This guide was a wonderful insight for someone like myself who has never worked in the mining industry. Thank you for the time and effort spent on this."
Naomi, New Zealand, 18th September

"I would like to thank you for your help, I have managed to obtain a job in the mining industry. Thankyou very much for your help and information it was greatly appreciate."
Adon, QLD, Australia, 12th September

"Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done compiling the relevant information that has put me on track for a job in the industry. The information was easy to read and understandable, it also really helped me understand more deeply the process to go through to obtain a career."
Daniel, VIC, Australia, 6th September

"Thank you so much for the information that you sent me. I did not know what was involved in getting into the mining industry. With all the info that you gave me, I can make a better decision on what to do next. I think you've saved me a lot of money."
Martin, QLD, Australia, 13th July

"WOW!! where do I even start to say thank you for all the extensive information you and your team have provided for me. Such amazing positions/roles and never ending opportunities to the mines. I am very pleased and grateful to Mining Australia for leading me through the right channels to have the right support and to know that I will definitely be heading in the right direction into the Australian mines...THANK YOU!!!"
Lise, NSW, Australia, 12th July

"Thank you so much for the info. This is an eye opener for me. Although I have a background in the mining industry there is a lot to take note about the industry here in Australia. I will take note of your recommendations and keep you informed of my progress and let you know if I have any questions. Thanks again."
Carlos, NSW, Australia, 1st June

"Many thanks for your emails and attached informative documents which explains the industry and providing your expert advise on how to enter the job market of mining industry."
Pillai, NSW, Australia, 8th May

"I was able to open the file up today and it has shown me what positions I need to look at to get my foot in the door. I thank you for the time you put into the file as it was full of all the information I needed to know and very easy to follow. "
Jon, VIC, Australia, 8th May

"I would like to thank you for such a wonderfully, thorough and detailed guide on the mining industry. I have been a little overwhelmed whilst researching the mining industry and your document has made things a lot clearer, well worth the initial fee."
Steven, QLD, Australia, 29th March

"Thank you very much for the information you sent. It is very informative and very helpful for me. It also showed me the correct way to get employment in the mining industry with the advice and recommendations. Once again thank you for all your help. "
Fred, New Zealand, 16th February

"I would firstly like to thank you and everyone involved with Mining Austalia as an organization, the document you have sent through is very detailed and very extensive covering all areas and possibilities within the mining industry. There has clearly been a lot of work put into what i received and i thoroughly appreciate the effort."
Krystian, VIC, Australia, 31st January

"I appreciate the honesty of the faq sheet, this has been very informative in regards to gaining employment in the industry and to do it right the first time and not to "cowboy" it out. "
Jerry, NSW, Australia, 15th December

"I would like to thank you for giving me such a professional and yet personalised stack of information.I was so encouraged by the practical advise you provided i felt like this was handwritten just for me.I was so blown away by the effort you put into it and the realistic view you gave.thankyou. "
Debbie, QLD, Australia, 6th December

"Thank you very much for your time and valuble information regarding the mining industry. It has given me a basic insight and understanding of the structure of mining operations."
Sudheer, VIC, Australia, 28th July

"First of all, I wish to thank you & the entire team at Mining Australia for putting in a great deal of your resources into the attachment and promptly providing me with all the relevant and necessary information as promised. Before I read the information provided by you, I was not very confident about working for the mining industry as I was not sure about the way to go around. But after going through it, I feel more confident working. You have provided me with so much information regarding the industry, my preferred role & dept, pay scale, duties, entry requirements, resume building links and the list goes on."
Deepak, VIC, Australia, 15th July

"Thank you very much for your help. I am very impressed with your service so far and have already told lots of people to check it out."
Alastair, QLD, Australia, 15th December

"I know now how and where to go to gain the required entry level, licences and such for future application to the mining industry."
Penelope, QLD, Australia, 12th December

"Thanks for the much needed information regarding the mining jobs available. This has opened my eyes to what is required and prefered by employers in mining companies."
Sean, NSW, Australia, 9th December

"Thank you so much for your advice - very much appreciated. I am so impressed with your assistance, on behalf of Mining Australia, it makes me more determined to become a part of the Industry. I don't think there's too many organisations that would have done that. Very professional advice and, once again, very much appreciated."
Alan, QLD, Australia, 30th November

"Thankyou very much for everything. I couldnt ask for better information regarding getting a job in the mining industry."
Louis, QLD, Australia, 25th November

"Thank you for the email containing all the information about the mining industry – it was very informative and has helped to guide me in the right direction."
Troy, NSW, Australia, 22nd November

"Thank you so much for everything and all your help and support for getting into the mining industry."
Marama, WA, Australia, 8th November

"Once again thankyou so much in providing me such indepth information about Minning Australia and of your business personal. I found the information to be very useful in gaining future empolyment within the minning industry."
Tam, SA, Australia, 28th October

"Many thanks, this has indeed given me better opportunities to apply for a position suitable to my skills and expertise."
Henri, WA, Australia, 27th October

"I received the information pack and I am currently going through it, it's really helpful!"
Matthew, SA, 24th October

"Thankyou for your assistance in helping me to apply for a job position in the mining industry as I had no idea who to talk to or how to apply."
Jeremy, SA, Australia, 4th October

"First i like to thank you guys very much for all the info that you have sent to me, it has answered all of my inquiries and gave me guidance to looking for a career in the mining industry."
David, NSW, Australia, 13th September

"Very helpful - seems to cover all the criteria - money well spent."
Baden, New Zealand, 27th August

"Thanks also for the information. It is very well done and I have read and read again just recently and all the information I required is in there. Well worth purchasing thanks again."
Harold, New Zealand, 18th August

"Just a note to thank you sincerely for the research and detailed considerations which you've undertaken and presented to us today... I'm still reading the recommendations carefully,and am so far impressed by the salaries that even "entry level" roles for cleaners are paid. "
Nick, VIC, Australia, 16th August

"Thank you for being so comprehensive. It answers just about everything I needed to know about it and about my chances of obtaining employment in it."
Carmelo, Australia, 4th August

"I have read through the information, and found it very helpful. Right now I am so excited to start a new career in the mining industry from scratch, and will be taking your advice to start from the bottom and work my way up."
Faavae, New Zealand, 30th July

"Thank you so much for the information and the added support. Your information has been worth every cent."
Bazil, New Zealand, 29th July

"This is excellent, thank you very much... Its very indepth and well worth the money. "
Tara, QLD, Australia, 28th July

"Thanks Guys for the information.Just what I needed to know on the process involved in getting in to the industry. It all made perfect sense and seemed very realistic and to the point."
Luke, Melbourne, VIC, 12th July

"Since making payment to you guys it looks like I might have snared a job working on the [Project Name]. Not definitely yet but looks good. As I have NO similar experience I believe this might be the break I've been looking for."
Ben, QLD, Australia, 3rd July

"Thank you for taking the time to look over my resume and provide feedback on how I can make changes to the layout to ensure it stands out to potential employers. I have written a career objective below and really value your opinion on whether you believe it is suitable."
Tegan, Devonport, TAS, 29th June

"Thank you for all your help, it has really shown me what i need to do to start my career in the mining industry."
James, Perth, WA, 27th June

"Hi. Thank you for the detailed information about mining, I have read all pages and agree on the recommendations on which jobs I should apply for. "
Seyyid, Melbourne, VIC, 23rd June

"...I am ever so thankful, for the sheer fact that you put the time and effort into the explanation of how the mining industry works through the employment package, and the possible avenues within, to which I would be best suited to at this point in time. "
Daniel, NSW, 23rd June

"Thanks for the excellent service. Thanks also for the excellent information briefing on the various positions in the Industry."
Graeme, Mt Maunganui, NZ, 22nd June

"I appreciate all the work the team does at Mining Australia, and will definitely recommend this service to anyone I speak with that is interested in working in the mining industry."
Brook, Christchurch, NZ, 22nd June

"Many thanks for the all the information. I'll certainly make good use of it all."
Mark, Caerphilly, UK, 20th June

"Thankyou for the papers. A lot of serious thought has gone into them, and it is appreciated."
Madeleine, QLD, 18th June

"Firstly, thankyou for the detailed insight into the mining industry and the positions available..... Again, Thankyou. "
Clinton, Townsville, QLD, 17th June

"Thank you for all of the suggestions, you've been very helpful."
Sabda, VIC, 16th June

"Thanks very much for the information that you emailed me. I have read through it and found it very informative."
Julianne, Taupo, NZ, 15th June

"Hello...I would just like to say thank you for the prompt service of that very comprehensive information document you sent me."
Dean, Brisbane, QLD, 14th June

" Thank you so much for the good advice you gave me. I shall try to follow your advice to the very end. Am so serious about getting a job in the mining industry that I welcome any advice that can lead me there. Thank you and the entire team for the endless assistance."
John, Kampala, Uganda, 13th June

"Thank you for responding so promptly and passing on all that very interesting and useful information."
Spartaco, VIC, 10th June

"MINING AUSTRALIA, Thank-you for your inciteful E-MAIL, recently received. Comprehensive and enlightening..."
John, Kellyville, NSW, 10th June

"Thanks heaps for all the information you have put together for me. It was a bit of a read but it was exactly what i was looking for...most of my questions at this stage have definitely been answered. So thanks again for that."
Damir, Perth, WA, 10th June

" Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate it. "
Alejo, Albany, WA, 9th June

"Hi Carlie, Thank you for your helpful suggestions for my resume layout."
Michael, Cairns, QLD, 9th June

"thank you for the attached 'Facts and Information' which I found most informative."
Norman, Sawtell, NSW, 9th June

"Thanks for sending through the material. It has a lot of interesting information and helpful in understanding how to get into the industry. "
Ian, Adelaide, SA, 8th June

"The information you have given me will be of great help to me, and I really appreciate it."
Seiji, Perth, WA, 4th June

"Thanks for that email it was very informative and helpful in giving me ideas on the kinds of jobs avalible... "
Logan, Perth, WA, 2nd June

"THANKYOU for the very useful information and I am still excited about this possible career!"
Jean, Sydney/Australia, 1st June

"Dear Sarah ! Thank you for all the information, its extremely helpfull"
Dup, QLD, 1st June

"Hi Sarah, Thank you for the info, it is very comprehensive and will take a while to go through. "
Max, Bangalow, NSW, 30th May

"Hi, Thanks to the people who have emailed me lately in regards to my resume, it has really helped."
Kelly, Devonport, TAS, 24th May

"Hi, Carlie, Thank you for your email. I think I had learnt a lot from you. I have changed the layout of my resume, and hopefully it can help me to seek a good job for me. "
Albert, NSW, 24th May

"Thank you vary much for the job links, they were very helpful:)"
Daniel, Blenheim, NZ, 21st May

"Wow you guys are fast, and i really appreciate the hours you all have put in to making this all possible."
Simon, Auckland, NZ, 21st May

"Thank you for your comprehensive review of the mining industry and associated employment opportunities. "
Paul, Rockhampton, QLD, 20th May

"You really have been a wounderful help... I will always remember how helpful you have been towards my career it will never be forgotten:) "
Robyn, New Zealand, 17th May

"You are amazing, thank you for your research, it gives me a great guideline on what to expect."
Lucie, Melbourne, VIC, 15th May

"Thank you for your quick responses!!!! I have learnt a great deal from the information provided and have a clearer view on how mines operate... I have attached my resume i would love your input on how to improve it! "
Daniel, Wollongong NSW, 13th May

"I have re-written my resume and I have cut it down and taken into account all your suggestions. Thank-you so much for the great feedback and I am so greatful you got back to me so promptly. I appreciate all help you can give me as I really want to work in the mining industry. Any feedback on this version would be greatly appreciated. "
Gavin, Melbourne, VIC, 13th May

"Thank you very much for all the information about the Mining Industry! It has been really helpfull and I learned a lot with it!"
Sam, Belgium, 12th May

"I have noted the points you have set out. Thankyou for your hard work "
Tom, Perth, WA, 12th May

"Thankyou for the information that you have provided me with about the Australian Mining industry and all that is involved with it. After reading and looking through it all and considering all your much appricated recommendations...I have also attached a copy of my resume for you to look over and suggest any necessary changes."
Lachlan, NSW, 12th May

"I have received your detailed recommendations and I've carefully read them through. I appreciate all the work you have done for me."
Christine, Brisbane, QLD, 11th May

"Thankyou so much for all the information that you have sent me it certainly is very imformative. "
Michael, New Zealand, 10th May

"Thanks so much for sending out the information!! It has really given me the motivation to follow the right steps towards moving into the mining industry."
Kelly, Tasmania, 9th May

" Hello Mining Australia Thank you for the information regarding mining industry jobs. I found it very thorough and matter of fact."
Matthew, Brisbane QLD, 5th May

"Thank you for all the information it has been very useful, I have found a few job advertisements I would like to apply for through your recommended sites."
Catherine, Western Australia, 12th April

"Hi there people thank you for sending me all the info on the mining industry and for your advice ! it will be very helpful for me when i apply for a job . "
Brad, New South Wales, 11th April

"To the team at Mining Australia, Thank you very much for all this info, I can't get my head around how much you guys actually supplied and I really appreciate it."
Bashir, Melbourne, VIC, 3rd March

"First of all I'd like to thank you for the information in the mentioned email you sent. It was extremely informative and was the most help i've received so far in my job search. I've taken on your tips and rewritten my CV. I've attached it for review and very much appreciate your feedback. Thank you again for your assistance."
Hollie, Australia, 18th February

"Thankyou so much for the absolutely sensational info... Regardless of what happens on behalf of all the family I thank you very much."
Dean, Tasmania, 21st January

"Hi Kylie, I just wanted to let you know that I've been successful in obtaining a role with BHPB Iron Ore and I will start on January 24. Thanks for all your help. Regards, Anthony "
Anthony, Perth, WA, 5th January

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